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About Me


In April of 2017 I got my first 3D printer. While it wasn't the greatest, it was what I could afford. From that moment on I had the bug. I wanted to make all the things. As an avid consumer of YouTube videos loaded with maker content, it was easy for me to start moving in that direction and in October of 2017 I took Steve Ramsey's Weekend Woodworker course. I never finished that course because by the time my last project was due, people were commissioning me for custom things.

Fast forward a few years, and a battle with and ultimate defeat of cancer, Handmade by Vincent Ferrari has grown into a business with a mission: Custom for Everyone. I want to make personalized special custom things approachable and affordable, rather than something reserved for people with project budgets that match average salaries. I want to take your idea and turn it into something beautiful and functional that you'll not only love, but be proud to own and display.

There are very few things I won't try to make, and even fewer I won't succeed at making, and I love collaborating with my clients on things that will make them feel just as special as I do when they choose me to make things for them.

What can I make for you? Let's talk.

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