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Cutting Board Care Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a custom cutting board from Handmade by Vincent Ferrari!  I hope you get as much joy in using it as I got in making it!  Cutting boards made from hard woods like maple and walnut are very durable, but they need to be cared for, so to help extend the life of your board as much as possible just follow these instructions and you’ll be passing this board on to your children (and then buying a new one for yourself, right?)

NOTE: During shipping your board may wick some finish oil out. If this happens, wipe with a soft paper towel or cloth then let it air dry until the wicking stops. This is due to temperature change during transit and is perfectly normal. It should stop after a day or two.


  • Wipe down your board after every use with a cloth and water.

  • Periodically clean your board using an anti-bacterial cutting board cleaner.

  • When your board gets dry or loses its rich color, use the included Wood Balm.

  • Allow your cutting board to dry thoroughly after wiping down (drying racks are best for this).

  • Use a soft scrub brush after use to make sure that any food matter left in knife marks is removed.


  • Do not submerge your cutting board in water.

  • Do not run your cutting board through the dishwasher.

  • Do not place hot pans or dishes on the board.

  • Do not drop the board.

  • Do not use dish soap on your cutting board.

  • Do not dry your cutting board by leaving it on a flat surface.

  • Do not prepare food on the engraved side of your board.


All full-sized cutting boards come with Make for Life Workshop’s Wood Balm, a conditioner designed to keep your board as good as new.  Before it’s shipped your board gets a treatment and you can do the treatment as needed by following the instructions below:

1.  Apply the balm liberally to a freshly cleaned and dry board.
2. Allow the balm to sit for 1 hour, but no longer than 8 hours.
3. Buff with a clean dry cloth to remove any excess.

Make for Life Wood Balm is available in the shop in case you need to purchase more!

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