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The following people go above and beyond every month and support Digitally Creative financially.

Terabyte Tier Supporters

Al Schulze (NY Woodworx)
Scott Oram (Dad It Yourself DIY)
Ed Swanson (Ed's Clocks & More)
Nick Berchtold (Berchtold Design Build)
Ross Cave

Gigabyte Tier Supporters

Tory Decker (Tory Did It)
Jake Drews (Make With Jake)
Meg & Chris (Onyx Designs Woodwork)
Christian Neary (Warrenwerks)
Ken Madden (MaddK Studios)
David Wood (DW Wood Builds)
Dean Duplantis

Megabyte Tier Supporters

Jeff Stein (aweirdguy)
Kim and Garret (Kim & Garret Make It)
Rory Langefeld (RLL Woodworks & DIY)
Robert J. Keller
Brian Arsenault (7 Hills Maker)
Dave Bauer (Dave Bauer Art)
Donald LeBlanc (Fun With Woodworking)
Miguel Ángel Vilela
Darkest Web Designs

Byte Tier Supporters

Jeremy Specce
Grant Alexander (CLAMP Podcast)
Brad Harrison (Brad's Customs)

Billie Poulton (Poulton Projects)
Erik Peterson (Overall Maker Works)
Earl Van Alstyne

If you'd like to support the show financially, you can do so at, but even if you can't support the show a review and a share is always appreciated as well. Thank you for whatever support you are able to provide; I appreciate all of it!

NOTE: I read from this list as I record. You may see your name here before you hear the episode; that's only because I don't record the episodes weekly any more. You will be read, but it may take a few weeks to get to the episode when you signed up. You'll know that you're in when you see the emails weekly and the Close Friends story on Instagram!

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