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Love is messy. It's complicated, jagged, has gaps and breaks, and sometimes feels like it's incomplete, but when you step back and look at it, even when it's as damaged as it can be, you can still see love at the center of it.


That's why I made this collection of pendants; to remind us all that love isn't smooth, easy, and uncomplicated, but it's always worth it.

Artboard 1_2x.png

This design is meant to be  a statement.

In a first for me, all parts of this design are done by hand.

From the shape itself to the symbolic path around the heart,  all of this was drawn  by me. It took multiple attempts to get the design to look the way I wanted it to, but I was committed to not falling back onto clip-art or stock imagery.

In the end the line, much like the emotion it represents, is imperfect, broken, jagged, yet still comes together and is clearly a specific shape. From a distance, love is always love.


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