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How a Gift Turned Into an Inspiration

The final print in a beauty pose for Instagram.

Ever since my cancer diagnosis, I've been somewhat "off." I know people will immediately say I have the right, and I agree. If getting diagnosed with cancer isn't enough of a reason to be emotionally somewhat broken, what really is?

Diwali was a few days ago, and one of my closest friends is an Indian Hindu woman. I wanted to do something nice for her for the holiday, so I found a model of Sai Baba and 3D printed it in marble filament. Honestly, it's one of the best prints I've ever done. I was so happy with the final result that I couldn't wait to give it to her. I even thought that some of our other Indian friends and coworkers would want to buy my printing services so they could have one of their own. Then, oddly, it happened. And my reaction? I had a different idea. "How about you make a donation to a cancer charity and I'll make you one?" I don't even know where that came from, but wow. That the thought came out of my mouth with the casual ease it did made me very happy.

Truth be told, I felt squeamish about charging people for a print of a religious figure, particularly since the people who would be interested in it are all friends of mine. Also they've been super supportive since my cancer diagnosis and have gone out of their way to offer whatever I needed in whatever form I needed it. In the end, Sai Baba will be gracing a lot of desks next week because lots of people wanted them and that makes me happy not only because it makes my friends happy but because of all the money that will be going to cancer-related charities.

Today was a good day, and I needed it. Spiritually, this lifted me up at a time when I really needed it. Yet again, making has brought me to a better space spiritually.

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