I Could Use Your Help.

I'm just gonna be blunt.

Next week, at some point, my day job is shutting down. Could be 60 days. Could be 90. Could be 30. Could be two weeks. Either way, the bottom line is I won't be getting paid, which is going to put a major strain on my financial situation.

I'm not asking for charity, a handout, or anyone to donate. I'm not starting a kickstarter, an Indiegogo, or anything else that people do these days. I'm not giving you my Paypal, Venmo, or Ca$happ. All I'm asking from you is one thing.

If you've ever considered ordering something from me, or if you like what you've seen me make, or you had a thought in your head about me making you something, now is the time. Now would be the most helpful time you could ever decide you wanted me to do something custom for you.

There is no sugarcoating here, no BS, and this isn't me asking for favors. It's me asking that if you, in your heart of hearts, could find it deep within you to order something from my store it would be super helpful.

Every little bit helps.

Thank you for your help, your thoughts, your prayers, and whatever else you see fit to do.


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