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Maker... Not "Make everything"-er.

My office in my house is very good for my purposes. It has a desk for my computer and for paperwork (and for Tom, who always manages to find his way to it when I'm at it). I have a futon, which has essentially become Tom's, and a table for one of my 3D printers, some supplies and so on, and two folding tables on which my Prusa i3 and my Cricut have taken residence. It's a great space, but it needs some organization.

Amidst all the craziness of the last few weekends of client things, I wanted to start renovating my office, but that's required a lot of thought. There are things I want to do to make the space more "clean," and I don't just mean more organized. I mean more functional for the stuff that needs to be permanently set up, and I would seriously like to finally be able to have it be more than just an "office." It's a good space and it could be better. One of the ways I wanted to make my office more functional would be to take over an entire wall with a table that could hold more than my computer; the idea being I could have it at a good height to work on, get rid of the folding tables, and organize the 3D printers in a better way. I had all but settled on making the tables myself when my wife stepped in and pointed out I'd probably be better off buying a couple of tables.

As much as I wanted to make the tables myself, she was right.

The way things are shaking out right now, I'm spending a lot of my time making things for clients. That's a good problem to have. It also means I'm not going to be able to drop everything and put a table together, which means that I'll have to simultaneously live with having a less than optimal office while needing my office to be more functional unless I give in and buy some tables, spend a few hours, and set everything back up.

The mindset of a maker is a tricky one. The idea of buying a table totally rubs me the wrong way. I can totally make a table. Hell, I've done it already! And it's awesome! But do I really have that time now? No. And I need the table, basically, now.

So either this weekend or next I'll probably head to a store of some kind and get some tables. Because my wife is right. Moral of the story: Just because you're a maker doesn't mean you have to make everything. Sometimes, in the interest of moving things along, it makes more sense to buy and then make later if you need to, and there's no shame in not making everything in your space that you can make.

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