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It's a good problem to have; so many projects juggling at one time for so many people, but man, it's stressing me out.

Firstly, I'm working on a custom-designed enclosure for some electronic parts. The part itself is very very small, meaning most of what I've been doing is printing, checking, printing, checking, printing, checking. I've redesigned the same model in Fusion 360 at least 12 times trying to get the right balance. Luckily I can monitor my RoboR2 from everywhere and it sends me messages (with a picture) when it's done. At least I know the print worked, even if I can't be home to get it off the printer.

With a little luck I'll have this one buttoned up tonight or tomorrow morning because...

Project number two has been the epitome of procrastination for me. I bought an Xcarve back in February and I have not had the chance to put it together.

Okay that's not 100% being honest. I've been scared to put it together because it's so involved

and I'm so worried I'm going to mess it up, but now I have a customer who wants something which means I have to bite the bullet, stop giving into my fears, and put it together, so I started that this morning. I need to 100% have it done and together by the end of the weekend. Failure is not an acceptable outcome. Can I? I have no idea, but I'm committed to doing it.

Once it's done, and calibrated, I have to actually make the thing, which is in the design stages now. This customer is a close friend, so it's very important that I not only get this project done, but that it looks top shelf. I'm hoping to come through big for her.

And that's just what's live on my plate right now, not counting what I want to have done soon for both the holidays and the upcoming Spring street fair in my town, where I hope to have a table with some stuff to sell.

And you know what? I'm loving every minute of it, even though at this exact moment I'm totally stressed out. Wish me luck!

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