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Publish365 003: Time to Purge

One of the things I've been dreading since Beth and I decided a divorce was our path was purging all the things I've accumulated since we got our first apartment in 2001. I knew this was going to be a crazy exercise and so far it's been kind of insane, but the thing that has been super helpful is my desire to be rid of the clutter, which has resulted in me happily just bagging and bringing to the curb tons of things. I find it funny that I feel this way now because had I been more conscious of what I was piling up over the years I definitely would have less to account for now!

I guess the real lesson here is empty the clutter as regularly as possible. Keep the things that matter, and everything else must go immediately, and unquestioningly. I'm enjoying seeing spaces that were inaccessible because of a pile of things become more and more accessible and considering how much I'll have to downsize after we divorce this is just setting myself up in a good way going forward. It's a ton of work, and right now I'm totally exhausted, but it's completely worth it!

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