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Publish365 008: A Stressful Week Is Over

This week was particularly stressful for me. The stress from the day job literally made me sick day after day and kept me up on more than one occasion. I'm not used to that level of stress and I'm pretty good at managing it, but here we are. Where did it come from? A combination of things, but mainly the "why isn't this working?" combined with people forgetting prior discussions about processes that were changed. It was nobody's fault, but it compounded day after day.

One of the things I need to do better in 2021 is to face those stresses in a more head-on way. The stress that was hanging over this week could have been allayed had I just met it, dealt with it, and called it done. Instead the stress was so paralyzing that it even came out in my session with my therapist this week and for a solid 15-20 minutes of our session.

I have to stop doing that.

Rarely do the stressful situations linger after first contact with me attacking them, but my problem is I tend to put off attacking them for too long until I've built them into things that are much bigger than they really are. That in and of itself should be enough for me to take a better approach going forward.

I don't do "resolutions" every year, but I do try to think about things I'd like to do better, and this is squarely on the list for me.

What are you looking forward to doing better in 2021? Let me know in the comments below!


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