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Publish365 034: Reverse Engineering a Photo

I've always loved the super white product photos people show on Amazon and other ecommerce sites, and how they manage to get rid of shadows and make the item look like it's floating. I never was able to get that as perfect as the "pros" even with a photographic soft box, lights, and a good camera with a flash.

One day I did an experiment. I have something called a Bright Pad. It's a device you use when you do vinyl cutting with a Cricut, but it's a nice even LED light with adjustable brightness. If you put your item on it, shoot RAW, and get real tight on it, you can get some amazing shots.

Cool, right?

Ironically, since I worked this out and nailed down the process I actually use the Bright Pad more for photos than for weeding vinyl!

Anyway I thought this was a cool enough tip to share. The Bright Pad is admittedly expensive and there are a lot of these on Amazon (usually listed as tracing lights or something similar) and you can get a knock-off non-Cricut one for under $50 if you're interested. It really does elevate your isolated product shots a lot!


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