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Publish365 036: Keep Your Crocs Purdy

I'll be honest. I'm sick. I might have the coof, but at the very least I have a nasty head cold that's completely kicking my ass, but I didn't want to miss a day of Publish365 so, I give to you, my latest "I learned a thing." Here's the caption from Instagram:

After seeing @troythemaker make some Croc charms, and learning from him the awesome "engrave then paint" technique on the @glowforge, I wanted to try it for myself. Of course there's only one other person I know who wears Crocs in the shop, and it's @cowdogcraftworks. I snuck into his website and stole his logo, then did some work in Adobe Illustrator to make it nice and clear for engraving. After engraving, I left the masking on, then sprayed it black. While the paint was mostly wet, I peeled off the masking and it was perfect!! He got it today and loves it and now I have another cool thing I can make for my customers!


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