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We Were Lucky To Have Sharon

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Photo by Andy Pugh

Yesterday as I was leaving work, I got a message from my friend Andy telling me that we had lost Sharon, known on the internet and to just about all of us makers as Figments Made. To say I was crushed is the understatement of the year.

Sharon was one of the kindest souls you could know. In the initial days of our podcast, Sharon enthusiastically said yes to being our guest. She didn't do it because of the names that preceded her, either. She said yes long before she could have known the names that would come before her. That's how she was; friends went to the front of the line and her reputation for putting others ahead of herself made her beloved in a way few others were.

I knew that I could always chat with her. When I first started dealing with chemo, we had chats about it on Twitter. Ironically, she was the last guest on Because We Make before I had to take a hiatus to deal with my second orbit around the chemo sun, and she was right there checking in on me regularly to make sure I was okay. When I publicly started talking about dealing with depression, she was a calming voice, always at the right time.

There were so many times in the time I had the privilege of knowing her where she would appear, exactly as needed, as if she was a gift from God designed to calm me down in troubled times. And now she's gone.

The loss is incalculable. I'm so sad for her family, the people closest to her, and everyone whose life she touched. But, if I'm being 100% honest, I'm also glad we had her. She did so much for so many so often. She gave selflessly when she could, and she shared her knowledge with anyone who she could. She embodied everything great about this community and the people in it.

We were lucky to have her. The world needs more people like her.

Thank you for everything.

Rest easy, my friend.


If you want to hear Ethan and I talk to Sharon, you can listen here.

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